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Top appointments transfer organizations – selecting the right executive search consultancy is essential. Expertise and focus are critical – We thoroughly understand our markets: Technology, FMCG/CPG and Professional Services. Laporte is a premier search firm that provides organizations worldwide with accomplished business leaders, professionals and specialists. Laporte has designed and implemented a rigorous model for achieving executive search excellence. Through the years we have developed a transparent and highly effective recruitment process to pinpoint high impact candidates who can make impact and a difference for our clients. For an organization to achieve its objectives, it needs high-caliber and committed leaders, professionals and specialists. Since our start in executive search we have become a trusted leadership advisor and talent source for our clients and have been successfully engaged in search assignments to recruit senior individuals; including executives, managers, partners, principals and specialists across the Technology and FMCG/CPG.

We understand that our recruitment services play a crucial role in the development and success of our clients. We therefore place the utmost importance on understanding the needs of the organization and the requirements of the situation. Each assignment is unique and we offer a bespoke service based on our client’s needs. We use structured processes throughout the whole project, adopting a pragmatic approach. This continues even after the assignment has been completed, with follow-up reviews and on-going dialogue with both the candidate and the client to ensure that the placement is a success. Our genuinely consultative, flexible and open approach underpins everything we do. Furthermore, by organizing our business into sector practices we have developed in-depth expertise and relationships.


Laporte meets with the client to outline search requirements, timelines, future organizational strategy and mission, and to get an idea of corporate culture. Laporte will then begin with a thorough analysis of the hiring company, identifying key opportunities for the new executive, and defining a candidate profile that fits into the corporate culture and organizational structure – often this stage includes meeting key executives at the hiring organization.

Following this process, Laporte will complete a deep analysis of the market and create a compelling executive job profile. Market analysis will outline the competitive environment and influence the type of executive the search firm will look for. This process includes the team of highly skilled researchers and results in a document that will be a reference throughout the entire search process – the candidate specification. The candidate specification (job description) will contain detailed information about the role, responsibilities, client, key opportunities presented and outline career and educational requirements. To complete the first stage of the process is to analysis the market, outlining key companies Laporte will research for executive talent, and documenting all avenues that will be exploited in order to gain access to the top talent in the marketplace.


Within the executive search industry, the process of creating an industry/function wide map of talent and long-list of potential candidates is known as ‘name generation’ or ‘talent mapping’.

After Laporte has a number of high potential executives listed (sometimes 100+), Laporte will begin qualifying the potential targets and identifying whether they are suitable candidates. A series of internal meetings will continue throughout the candidate identification process and the number of potential candidates will be reduced to 10 at most.

This shortlist is achieved through detailed interviews that discuss the specifics of the executive job, and explore the candidates’ background, competencies and interest in the role. Before any candidate is presented to the client, Laporte will complete basic background checking to verify qualifications and executive career.

The shortlist will be presented to the client. Following meetings at the previous stage, Laporte will work with the client to narrow the candidate shortlist to just 3-5 potential senior executives. At this stage Laporte will begin thorough reference checks and provide final thoughts on strengths and weaknesses about each candidate.


After a series of interviews and consideration of external references, the client will select their preferred candidate and the process of salary and offer negotiation will commence. Laporte can act as mediator in this process to ensure both parties’ needs are being met. Finally Laporte will assist with the integration (onboarding) of the successful candidate into the workplace – the degree of involvement varies depending on the wishes of HR and agreements made earlier in the search process.

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