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In recent years the Technology industry, perhaps more than any, has been driven by change. Whether brought about by market consolidation, or by the advancement of new technologies, the need to successfully anticipate, manage and lead business change has never been more important.

Within Technology we focus on the most dynamic areas of the market including High-tech, Internet, IT-consultancy and Professional Services and has an established reputation. We are specialists in identifying, selecting and recruiting executive talent that makes the difference and can help companies succeed in these sectors in a fiercely competitive environment.

Whether it is searching for executives to lead change, taking a new product to market or dealing with the opportunities (and challenges) of new technologies, Laporte & Partners delivers expert industry knowledge and a successful track record. Together, we are a focused, collegiate team that shares knowledge and thinks innovatively. We understand your business needs, and will make a valuable contribution to your organization by working with you to hire outstanding high profile individuals who make an impact.


Over the last decades, global consumer behaviors and purchasing criteria have developed common traits and lost some of the nationalistic distinction. This has driven consumer and retail organizations to balance global branding with local market differentiation, where price, margin, supply chain, innovation and investment need to be carefully planned and managed. These are the key parameters for success and the people agenda has never been as vital to support this.

Internationalization, global brands, low cost sourcing and flexibility to market are driving a new wave of employee skills for the FMCG/CPG organizations and only the smart organizations that recognize this and act accordingly will survive in the global market place.

Laporte & Partners has an international team that can access this very best talent worldwide and move them to new roles and territories. We work out of the Netherlands in all the key developed markets and we work with leaders in their markets providing astute, considered and balanced advice to secure the best talent that will provide competitive advantage for our clients.

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